Country Health Benefits

There are so many health benefits to moving to the country. In fact, health is a major reason why many people move away from major cities.

It goes without saying that the air is cleaner in the country side. There are fewer cars on the road, less factories and less people. All of this adds up to less pollution and less crowds which can only result in better health for the locals!

Most country folk also find that they live a less stressful life compared with city dwellers. This is because there is generally less pressure from the boss at work (the people are more laid back) and there is not the constant rushing that one finds in the city.

There is more time to rest and relax in the country and people value time with their family. There are always exceptions, but for the most part country people are living a more relaxing and stress free life than their city counterparts.

A great benefit of the country, particularly if you live on a farm, is the fact that the entire family can work together. This means spending more time together and bonding to achieve a common goal.

Country folk are sometimes described as "simple people". Perhaps the reason for this is that they accept the simple things in life as valuable. Things such as fresh air, beautiful scenery and natural surroundings. If these are the types of things in life that make you happy then you will be well at home when you move to the country.